Graphics falling apart

So Ive been using a ortur lm2 for a couple of years and recently got a omtech 60w co2. whenever I switch my machine in Lightburn all of my art work would flip over but whats more annoying is that one of my designs in particular keeps falling apart. If I were to save it in the art library then take it out of the library and place it on the work space a part of it would be upside down and reversed. My software also keeps freezing like every 2 minutes or so Itll say “not responding” for like 6 seconds or so.

The home location determines the quadrant the machine operates within.

If the home is different on a different machine the art will be ‘mirrored’ across the bisecting axes from where it was created.

Make sense?


yes it does. so I have tried changing the origin of the machine in lightburn which kinda helped but then now my machine would print the graphic in reverse even though on the screen it shows properly. I honestly almost dont mind graphics reversing because i can just press the flip button and sort it out but my biggest problem right now is that if I were to close lightburn and reopen it with the same graphics on the screen they would now have pieces hanging off flip flopped reversed and also if I were to save it in the art library then take it out and place it on the workspace it would come out with pieces hanging also and this happens even if i had or have everything grouped together

Lightburn needs to be configured for the machine you are going to run the art on. If you change it with artwork already there, I don’t know what happens.

I would think the software would have to have an ‘origin’ somewhere and changing it mid stream my have an effect.

The simple fact is with multiple machines, you will have to correct the artwork for each machine… sorry…


yea i figured, and that makes life incredibly difficult

Could be worse, you could have a fire and a piece of metal to heat and mark things :crazy_face:

There’s generally a less attractive alternative… thinking about them helps cheer me up… as I toil.


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