Gravity and vertical axis

I use an eleksmaker mountrd on a wall. it works fine as long as code is streamimng.
But when the program has finished the carriage on the vertical axis fall down due to gravity whis I would like it to stay at the last coordinates.
Jogging the vertical axis is also impossible. The jog command is executed and the it falls down.
I guess the stepper drive is disabled when the command finish.
Does anyone know a way to prevent it?


There is setting in the GRBL that can do this for you. Step idle delay($1) Setting it to 255 keeps grbl from idling the steppers. The default is often 25. Downside they can get hot. I have mine set to 255 and it has never caused me a problem. If you type $$ in the console window you will see the current value. If you want to change it type $1=255. Into the command box and hit enter.

Hope that helps,


Sounds just what I’m looking for. Will it remain like this until I change it or reset the controller?
Can I insert these commands in the g-code?

You don’t need to insert the commands - type it once in the console and it will set it in the firmware, and as long as the Eleksmaker firmware isn’t resetting it, it will stay.

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