Gravotech LS900 Support

We recently purchased a Gravotech LS900 laser and I’m not a fan of their software. I have previously used LightBurn with other lasers but I’m not having any luck connecting the laser to the software. I read a thread from a couple of years back stating that the software didn’t work at that time. Has anything changed or am I stuck with their software?

Thank you!

Not real elegant, but the workaround you can try (assuming you are on Windows) is to Print using colors from Lightburn to a Microsoft PDF driver, and then open the PDF file in Acrobat, and print to the Gravotech driver. You would basically be using probably 3 colors in Lightburn - RGB RED, BLUE, and BLACK. Black fill would be for raster engraving. This process works for the Universal Laser Systems UCP software.

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