Gray scale image to laser speed compensation in lightburn?

Ok new to laser printing. So probably a question that has been asked a hundred times.
So using my new NeJe master 2 to print gray scale images onto coaster.How it seems to work is the laser is on 100% power and the head moves at a faster rate to give less burning time in a spot that is lighter and slows down if a spot needs to be darker. And if the white brighter than a threshold the laser is turned off and the travel stepper ramps to maximum speed to get the next area it needs to burn. My problem is the dark areas seem burnt in deep. And could do with less dwell time. And there seems a lack of gray scale of the image on the wood. As if the speed to burn gray scale is not linear. Is there a compensation curve in lightburn so that the gray scale on the engraved image better matches the jpeg image? Lowering the power output of the laser to help not burn so deep. seems to make the gray scale gradient on the output even smaller.

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