Grayscale Engraving Clarification

Hi, I need some clarification please. When a grayscale image is loaded and engraved with the grayscale image mode, what will the power settings do exactly? Will the lightest gray in the image be allocated to the min power setting and the darkest gray to the max power setting, or will pure white be the min and pure black the max?

white will not engrave. Black will be max power and the lightest gray will be close to minimum. It doesn’t take much gray above pure white to get a min laser reaction but also depends on your laser etc on whether you can “see” any effect on the lightest of grey. You have to experiment with this end to see what works.
I use greyscale from time to time for 3D engraving lake depth maps and it takes a bit of testing to get the graduations between shades of grey correct. I adjust the greyscale depth of shades in LB using Properties and and adjusting Gama…brightness and contrast etc as a fine tune verses going back to say photoshop and changing the shades.

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