Grayscale engraving, not a image. Inkscape drawed

Hi, this is my first post in lightburn forum. I’m sorry for my vary bad english, but I’m trying…
This is my question: I’m drawing in inkscape paths in differents colors. The closed path can be rustered, so the question is: can engrave grayscale background with “proportional power” like image engrave function?

If I understand you correctly you’re saying you have a vector shape in Inkscape that’s shaded or has a gradient in grayscale and you want to engrave showing the grayscale.

If so, then no, vector graphics will always either be outlines or filled. In LightBurn you can specify some variations of fill but that is all.

If you wanted to retain the grayscale shading you would need to convert the vector shape to a raster shape. Then you could burn as an image in LightBurn.

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Yes, you have correctly know how I have explained… And my fear are real… I do convert the grayscale vector in a image and place correctly on the plate… or I do convert all workspace in a image, but I will lost the external vector and ect…
Perhaps you could ask to add this function as a pull request… you know?

2 options if both the vector and raster components are important for you:

  1. create a raster version of the image and then bring both the raster and vector images into LightBurn.
  2. bring raster into LightBurn, then trace the image

Use of vectors only for shape data and layer assignment is fairly fundamental to how LightBurn is designed so don’t see that easily changing. You could make a request in the Feature Request site if you wanted to explore it.

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