Grayscale engraving with Mach3 controller and USB motion card

I’m new to Lightburn, but so far found the software very user friendly and the forum has been a great help in getting started.

I have one outstanding issue to resolve before I can start to get into grayscale engraving, I’m hoping someone can help get me headed in the right direction.

I’m using the GRBL-M3 device in Lightburn, and the GCode is outputting M3 and M5 codes, which I know are slow, and I can manually change them over to M10 and M11 codes. However, I’m not sure that is the issue. The code is ramping SXXX and back to S0 to change when it burns grey and shuts off. The machine is pausing shortly during these ramping up/down, and causing too much burn time at the stop/start points.

I’ve tried changing the look ahead in Mach3, and upping the accel on the “spindle” for the laser profile to no avail.

Is there another device output I should be using from Lightburn?

Is there a way to auto-post out to M10/M11 rather than M3/M5?

Is there a way to control laser on/off without the S0 - SXXX to avoid this situation?

I’ve seen many others with great results from this software. I’m hoping its just something I’m missing and not a hardware limitation.


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