Grayscale problems, help

Hi everyone
I use cnc 3018-pro with 5.5w laser and I have tried everything to get the grayscale I want to but it seems that none of the settings works. I tried all the yt videos and forums I could find but still haven’t resolved the issue.
These are my settings

I tried on 80% power ($30 stayed the same) but it is even worse because it doesn’t engrave anything below 50%.
I tried with speed 600-2100 mm/min but anything above 1000 (even if I changed $110-122 to max 2100) it gives weird noises etc, so I needed to set it up again to 1000mm/min. Also when it was above the 1000 there was an error 3: reset while in motion, re-homing recommended. Once everything is ack to 1000 no errors visible.
In $120-122 I started from 1000 but it left burning edges too much, with 3000 works fine.

If I could get any idea what the issue is or what other settings/changes i could use, I’d really appreciate i.

Can you show us what you mean? You are showing a vector scan and nothing about the grayscale, the settings used, the image you are trying to produce, and the results you get.

Hi Rick

Please see the images

That’s what I was trying to engrave and the results, plus the test image with P 100% speed 1000mm/min.

Using M4 to Laser?

No, I use M3/M5 to laser - it was automatically it LaserGRBL

Okee, but if you want real grayscales you need M4, with numbers to choose the grayscale for that point. M3/M5 is on/off, M4 is “analog”

Well, If I knew it is that easy… Thanks a lot ;)) I have a perfect result now.

Actually, I changed it only in LaserGRBL but I can’t find to change those settings in Lighburn unfortunately.

Sorry, Can’t help you with that

Your machine is self-limited to 1000 mm/minute. Trying to go any faster will just lower the power output instead.

Your focus might be slightly off, and the wood you’re using is quite light, so it’s going to be very sensitive to focus - lighter material reflects more visible light, and as soon as it starts to darken, it suddenly absorbs more visible light causing it to heat up very quickly as soon as it darkens a little bit - It’s a pain to dial in grayscale. Your range might end up being 30% to 50% for the grayscale power.

Start with dithering if you haven’t yet, as it’s much easier to get consistent results.

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