Grayscale tuning issue/confusion

GRBL 1.1f
Jtech 4.2w diode laser kit (w/ HR lens)

I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get this working better and finally gave up to start fresh this morning. I took a SS of all my settings. I think its all correct, lol.

I am trying to tune my grayscale settings and no matter what I change the “Min Power %” to I see no change in the burn. I started off with a Min-Max of 0-100, then tried 10-100 & 90-100. Shouldn’t min set to 90% have given me an extremely dark burn over most of the image? The laser is lit through-out the entire burn, just not hot enough.

Yes, it should, but I think I had a bug in the code that prevented this from working that has been fixed for this pending release. Send me a PM here and I’ll give you a link to a stable version that includes this.

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PM sent :slight_smile:
I thought I was losing my mind, lol

That was it! MIN Power % is now working, thanks again :smile:

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Is this why I can not control the power of my laser diode?
Appears that no matter what settings I try to use it is either on or off.

This specific issue only affects grayscale image engraving, nothing else.