Grayscale VS dithering choices

I have been attempting to use grayscale since getting my laser. I saw that grayscale produces the best results. My thinking is why mess with the dithering modes and just learn the grayscale. That has worked to a certain degree, watching the Evantage videos I see they and I believe some lightburn videos use a group of 4 different dithering options. Now my thoughts are there is a reason these folks use these. I don’t know or understand the why.
My question is there a video that explains the differences of grayscale and Stucki, Jarvis and the others with explanations. I just came across a video that explains grayscale uses variable power settings, while the others use on/off. Sorry for the long post but I really want to learn the laser especially for photo engraving.

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Not that is officially LightBurn, but it is on our list to produce. :wink: Now the timing…, not soon enough, but in our plans to start producing more content to help. Thanks for the friendly nudge. :slight_smile:

We do have some newer information that might help in our new, in-progress, documentation:

And here: Redirecting...

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Thank You I am willing to read and watch to learn, often don’t know where to go


Steve, you might give RDWorks Learning Lab videos a try. Here is one that may be helpful Lab 115. Here’s a link to my copy of the bmp file he references. His lab 145 is good also.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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