Grbl 1.1 Door as feed hold

Per the Grbl 1.1 docs we have the door tripping the feed hold and enable in config.h for this to be treated as door open. However when the door is closed machine does not resume.

If the door is opened other than during a cut, typing ~ does resume and return control of the machine. However if Lightburn is sending a job to grbl and the door is opened there is no way to resume as it would appear lightburn doesn’t send the realtime commands .

When LightBurn is streaming it’s in a very different mode, and console commands are ignored because it could easily ruin the state tracking. I’ll have to experiment with this and see if there’s a way I can add support for it to the streaming. When the door hold trips, does GRBL send you a message that the job has been paused?

No it just turns off laser and stops the motion.
From reading the info in Config.h it gives the impression that closing the door should resume. But we are not finding this to be the case, which is ideally what we would like to see happen but I could live with being able to resume another way

If you just use the normal Pause button before opening the door it would likely work. You’ve set this up as a custom thing in your version of GRBL, or is this a standard thing?

It’s a standard option in the config. I dont know if many people are using grbl for full machine like ours. I’ve found almost no information online about it. My guess is most grbl machines are open diode laser type machines not 40w co2 as we found very limited information on setting up this kind of thing.