GRBL 1.1f on MKS DLC 2.0 MB with 30w TTL PWM Laser - Solved

I have a couple question with the new hardware I am setting up. I have a LaserTree 30w laser on a cnc2-6550 frame that originally used an oem 2 axis control board.

I changed my control board to an MKS DLC 2.0 so i could modify the frame to use dual y motors and for the z axis for the rotary unit.

After configuring grbl 1.1f for the board and flashing the software i have the laser connected directly to a 12v supply and the ttl pwm output on the board connected to the laser ttl pwm input, the board and the laser share the same power supply.

My issue at the moment is that the laser will not burn if i turn on laser mode in the firmware if i turn it off it seems to burn but it does not turn off the laser during travel moves, and i don’t think i can do shades of grey either.

Does anyone have an experience in custom config on grbl with the mks board, it seems laser mode wants to turn off my pwm instead of giving me variable power out.

My other question being a new laser owner is if someone could explain how to properly focus the laser unit, i have attached the two pictures they gave me for optimal focus, but i seem to have some difficulty lol in translating that to real world what i should do before i use the unit on some material so its focused properly, i have the laser on an adjustable z axis now so i can move the whole laser up and down, but the focus ring on it seems to confuse me somewhat.

I started over with a fresh copy of grbl 1.1h and did my setup and its now working as it should be, there must have been a problem in my original source files having to do with the laser mode = 1.

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