GRBL 1.1H Eleksmaker

My laser doesn’t turn on and off, it burns all transitional lines. $32=1 is already set.
Eleksmaker, firmware 1.1H (as recommended by EnduranceLasers)

Is there something else I’m missing?

I am learning a lot, but I’m a complete nube, please talk to me like a 1st grader.


Your profile lists grbl 1.1e while your post mentions 1.1h. Can you confirm that it’s actually 1.1h?

Being on 1.1e could potentially be a factor for this issue in that case.

Can you provide the following to help further troubleshoot?

  1. Push Devices button in Laser window, then click once on the name of your laser and take a screenshot. Post here.
  2. Screenshot of Edit->Device Settings
  3. Enter these commands in Console (enable this in Window menu list if not currently showing) one at a time and then copy/paste results here:

I have defiantly 1.1H endurance lasers helped me install it using loaderX, I just didn’t update my profile here since upgrading.


Thank you for your help!!

I don’t see anything obvious in the information you’ve provided.

A few more clarification requests to better understand what’s going on.

  1. Where was the source of the grbl 1.1h firmware?

  2. Did your Eleksmaker work previously with grbl 1.1e firmware? I assume that was before swapping to Endurance laser module but please confirm.

  3. Can you confirm that power modulation in general works? Test this by first enabling “Enable laser fire button” and “Laser on when framing” in Edit->Device Settings. Then go to Move window. You’ll need your safety goggles on for the next steps and potentially a sacrificial material under the laser. Push the Fire button. Then increase power % incrementally. Does the laser light get brighter and dimmer as you raise or lower power level? No need to really burn anything, just enough to see if power is modulated.

  4. Next thing to check is to confirm that your wiring to the laser is correct. Can you take a series of photos showing the overall wiring and components going from your controller to the laser module, closeup of connector on laser module, closeup of connector on controller, and closeup of any intermediate components. Preferably you would show any labeled markers for the connector ports.

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Replying to keep the thread open… I will do this as soon as a get 2 minutes to rub together.

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