Grbl 11f mega 2560 connexion impossible

aucun problème pour se connecter sur ugs en mode grbl
même en activant dtr toujours en attente connexion sur lightburn

solution sans comprendre, je me suis connecté sur lasergrbl, j’ai fermé lasergrbl j’ai été me connecté sur lightburn et ca fonctionne

I have the same problem 95% of the time, when attempting my first connection after plugging in the USB to Arduino 2560. I’m running Win 10 and 11, it happens on both, and they are connecting to different mega2560 board brands. My fix to this is to first launch another gcode sender, UGS, and connect it to the mega 2560 board, which is a reliable connection. Then I drop that connection via software Connection button in UGS, and I can now connect LB reliably to the mega2560. go figure. And until I unplug the USB cable, I can repeatedly use LB to connect and drop connection, no problem. This allows me to switch between LB and UGS as needed, necessary at times since I use LB for all my CNC 2D CAD work.

I have twiddled with Win device manager for COM serial device after catching it grossly out of config for baud rate and buffering, and at one time I thought I had it fixed so LB could connect without the UGS primer; but no dice after several reboot and whatever cycles later. Now I don’t bother anymore, I just routinely fire up UGS first, connect, drop, and goto LB. Since I use my CNC for more than just laser process, having UGS around is normal for me as I use it in plasma and milling process. I also adjust my grbl acceleration and max speed configs differently between these processes and UGS has a config import function which makes this easy and less prone to error.

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