GRBL 3018 codes

Good day again:
Am using Grbl (updated) on 3018 Pro

I have been playing with my settings after taking a picture of them. Yes, you guessed it phone dead now original setting gone. I typed in generic settings from manual and changed $32 to 1. Now unit moves to fast, and laser won’t burn.

Is there a recommend code setting for laser in lightburn? If so can someone please post them

Thanks to your support I finally got roller working A + but laser wouldn’t burn. Checked wiring, insured focused set to 100% etc no luck. Yet worked in GRBL laser software.

I than reset to original and started playing with speed . At first it was to fast then to slow

That’s when I did something making and it stopped all together and as stated above I then tried opening phone only to discover it was hooped.

Any help greatly appreciated

What does ‘updated’ mean? Thinking of someone looking for help and those attempting to help them.

Suggest you post the grbl version you get when you boot your device, at least we can related it something.

Lightburn has a nice way to deal with the machine settings or $$ commands, ‘Edit → Machine Settings’. It gives you the ability to have different configurations for the same machine, not to mention save the original configuration.

You will have to find someone with a similar machine and load them. Then you can take one issue at at time and fix it.

Good luck


Good day

I got the pictures out of my phone an hour ago,(yahoo) and edited all the lines I had modified, The machine is now working as it was before I started playing around with it.

I am still left with the question of where do I modify the laser speed and power setting, as it appears with my 3018 one is dependent on the other.,

Is there optimal or preferred setting of same ? Presently the laser comes on but is not engraving. I have checked wiring, focusing and as stated before it works fine in Lasergrbl.


Double click on the layer or the object to open the ‘cut/layer’ menu.


I suggest you now take a backup of your settings. From Edit->Machine Settings or type $$ in the console.

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