GRBL .9j - Will Lightburn work with this for pictures?

Is there anything out there for documentation on using lightburn with GRBL .9j on an XCarve with a JTech laser?

I see one for GRBL 1.1, but nothing on setting it up for an older machine running .9


You have two options I can suggest. Within LightBurn, set GRBL-M3 in the ‘Devices’ with your current firmware. That said, GRBL .9j is a custom and older version of GRBL and support may be a challenge moving forward. You can flash up to the most recent GRBL release that your hardware supports to take advantage of the latest firmware improvements. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick.

I have some custom stuff I have built for .9j that I use with Fusion 360 and my JTech. I’ll just have to build a second controller and swap out to see if I can get them both to work that way.

Appreciate your quick reply.

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