GRBL Diode rotary slanted when fill engraving

I reached out to Mecpow (which is my laser) and they said good place to start was by downloading their actual driver so I can look further into the factory settings I guess lol I feel like I’m spiraling down a laser engraver rabbit hole . So much information :sweat_smile:

Sometimes takes lots of fiddling… Usually it’s not an issue with Linux, I had to mess around and install a module, on the machine, just not installed…

Follow their lead, that’s the best you’ve got until proven otherwise…

Good luck


This looks remarkably like the classic Ruida “skewed engraving” problem:

However, the same problem can happen on diode lasers for the same reason.

In this case, the Machine Settings for the X and Y Step Pin Invert are different than the Z axis. Flip the X and Y axis values to False (switch = Off = red), then run another test to see if that improves the situation.

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