Grbl ESP32 auto detect

I`m going to test ESP32 GRBL and the 6 Pack Universal CNC Controller from Bart Dring

GitHub - bdring/Grbl_Esp32: A port of Grbl CNC Firmware for ESP32

6 Pack Universal CNC Controller from Bart Dring on Tindie

I have been using a Smoothieboard5x - when connected to LightBurn it is detected as Smoothieboard

When I connect the ESP32 running GRBL_Esp32 I have to configure the Grbl controller manually

Is there something missing in the Esp32_GRBL code to maake it auto detect? Or is it in the LightBurn code?

Not critical in any ways - only wondering

We detect the controller type by the response that we get from it on first connect. But sometimes that response isn’t what we expect so we can’t know for sure - and ESP32 Grbl is a little non-standard, so that’s not surprising. There’s nothing wrong with just manually setting up the profile - you’ll never have to think about it again.

By non standard - do you say it unstable… in combination with LightBurn?
There is so many different grbl variations, so hard to know how to find the best one…

No, it should work fine. It’s just that all the grbl variants somewhat do their own thing sometimes. So if the initial response header is unexpected we can’t say for sure it’s grbl. We would rather not incorrectly assume a board uses some firmware that it does not.

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