GRBL Homing Issue


I have a 2015 x carve with a jtech 7w laser. I purchased lightburn a few months ago and have been able to set up and cut jobs with no problem. I am using grbl1.1

I have been having an issue with homing and positioning of my machine through lightburn. Jogging work, and the homing sequence moves the machine to the correct position and stops correct, however if I click “get position” in lightburn immediately after, it reads the position as x= .-29.448, y= -29.488, z= -.039.
I also cannot change the origin position. If I click the button, nothing happens.

This does not allow me to use machine coordinates, i can only cut something using current position.


Have a look here and in particular, the section on Negative Coordinate Machines.

Thanks Rick! That was it.

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