GRBL Laser not burning

Hi there, I am total noob when it comes to laser and laser engraving in general, but i have been surfing the web for a solution to my problem for 2-3 days now! I have this china laser (as you can see from the picture attached to this post) My problem is this:
When i test the laser with a letter B (Also screen shot attached) The job is executing and the laser is on but it does not burn ANYTHING :slight_smile: here is the settings from the console :
I did change alot of settings while searching the forums, but nothing :slight_smile:
Appreciate anyones help in helping me solving this problem!
Thank you!!


The $31 value is the problem here - This value is the number that the controller uses to mean “laser off”, and since it’s currently set to the same as the $30 value, which is the one used to mean “full power”, you’ve given the controller an impossible choice.

Set $31=0 and that should solve it.

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Thank you for you help!

I changed the vaule of $31 to be $31=0

But unfortunately nothing burns :frowning: it looks like everything works… but no burn at all from the laser :frowning:

Thank you !

You might need to power cycle the laser after that. When you say “no burn” do you mean it doesn’t light up at all, or just that it doesn’t burn things?

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I did power cycle the laser. They laser appears to be running… blue flashing light coming out when it runs, But it does not burn anything on the paper. Strange thing is when i put lets say laser power 20% and press fire it does burn something on the paper thought… I know it is just meant to adjust laser focus but i just wanted to see if it burns at all… and it does when i press fire button… but nothing does burn when i run a code… what else can i try ?

Thank you !

You said, “the paper” - is it white? You’re using a visible light diode, and white paper reflects most visible light. You haven’t shown what power / speed settings you’re trying to use, so it’s possible you’re simply trying to go too fast.

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