GRBL-LPC rotary odd behavior

I have searched, and read everything I can find about Lightburn and rotary attachments, but have been unable to find an explanation to my issue.

I have a K40 that I have installed a MKS Sbase board with GRBL-lpc firmware. I have a roller type rotary setup for it, and can’t seem to get my head around the settings.

I have the steps/mm set appropriately on the A axis in the firmware. When in the Move tab, when I tell the rotary to move 10mm, I get 10mm of movement. In the Rotary Setup screen, when selecting the A axis, I only have the option to enter values in the Roller Diameter, Object Diameter/circumfrance fields. The top option, “Deg, per rotation” sets to 360 and grays out when I select A axis.

My actual roller diameter is about 37.4mm. I have to enter 173 in setup dialog to get engravings to come out the right size.

That seems very odd to me, Any idea where I’m going wrong?

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