GRBL M3 Problems

I have the ender 3 S1 pro + cv laser module
I have creality print and lightburn programs installed
The gcode that you use my laser is GRBL M3
The problem I have is that with the creality pgn the laser acts with a power that works correctly, while with the lightburn pgm this power is multiplied by a lot and burns everything.
In lightburn I have the laser configured as GRBL M3.
Do you know how I can solve this problem in lightburn?
thanks and regards

Is there a reason you’re using GRBL-M3 instead of Marlin for your profile? Unless you have an unusual board it’s most likely running Marlin.


The reason for using gbrl M3 is that when connecting the PC with the laser it recognized the gbrl m3.
But I will test like marlin
I’ll tell
thank you

I have changed the GRBL to Marlin and the problem is that the laser does not turn on when burning.
thank you

Have you picked the appropriate “laser on” command in Edit->Device Settings for your particular machine?

Inline is preferred if available.

Thanks for your interest
As I mentioned, I have the Creality CV Laser Module laser.
At first it is not connected to the PC
On my PC I have lightburn installed, I prepare the file and copy it to a memory card, and pass it to the printer to burn the object, so all the commands that I can modify must be in said software.
I have discovered that the printer has a usb-c output
I have connected the PC with the printer and the lighburn
The lightburn has detected the laser and has configured it as GRBL M3 (1.1 e or ealier), I can also change it and put Marlin
As I have indicated in Marlin, it does not turn on the laser, and in GRBL-M3 it burns the jobs a lot.
Inside lightburn I have located and I don’t know how, a window where I gave the option to vary the power of the laser, I lowered it but everything remains the same.
With the laser they gave me the soft Creality print, which burns much better but is very simple and with few options.

With Marlin set as your device type, you need to select the appropriate laser on command for your particular implementation of Marlin. This is done in Edit->Device Settings. Not all Marlin implementations/configurations are the same so this will depend on your specific implementation.

That should allow for the proper gcode to be generated from LightBurn.

Are you familiar with setting up your cut settings in LightBurn? If not, I suggest you review some introductory videos or review the documentation to better understand this.

good morning berainlb
In the end I have managed to activate the Marlin by marking the options M3/M5 and M8, with which the printer has already burned correctly.
I want to thank you for the help provided to achieve this goal.
greetings and thank you very much
Jaume From Spain

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