GRBL network connection

Hello, is there a piece of software I can run a raspberry py to connect LightBurn to my CNC machine over network?

The GRBL device options seem to only support USB/Serial.
I found the GRBLWeb project that runs on RPI, and was hoping to connect Lightburn running on my desktop to it over tcp/ip.
Is this possible?

It might be possible to run OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi and have your GRBL device talk to that, there is a plugin for OctoPrint to let it talk to GRBL.

Note that this will not connect your GRBL device to LightBurn directly, rather you would save a gCode file from LightBurn, and upload that to OctoPrint, then run it from the OctoPrint web interface.

I believe most people prefer to just dedicate an old/ cheap computer to their machine and run LightBurn on that.

That makes sense. This is actually my 3d printing workflow: 1)Generate gcode with s3d 2) upload to octoprint or duet.

I will generate gcode with lightburn, and try to upload either octoprint or grblweb to run it and will update here how it goes.

Thanks for your reply

You could set up a network bridge using an ESP32.

It effectively extends your USB seamlessly and transparently.

Github has a bunch of them