GRBL Setting Changed on their own?

Hi everyone, this issue happened on a homemade machine using an Arduino Uno running GRBL 1.1h. I’ve had quite a bit of issues when it comes to engraving everything else(cutting) works just fine. while I was attempting to test engrave a sentence on some scrap wood the machine stopped midway, upon trying to retry the burn the x-axis was not working however the y axis was. I ended up trying the y motors on the x-axis pins, and they didn’t work, anyway I thought I whittled it down to the pins for the x-axis going bad. However I pulled another Arduino out of my CNC plasma table and before I even replaced it in my laser I wanted to save a txt file of the setting on both boards, it was then that I noticed that on my lasers Arduino the $100(steps/mm) was set to 0 when it should have been set to 20. Somehow this change happened mid engraving as i didn’t do it. I want to say that the machine seemed to engrave okay until I switched the $120(x max acceleration) from i believe 80 to 500(i tested up to 1000), this is by no means a scientific theory as the machine still engraved for like 2 months after that change to 500, the biggest thing I noticed is that the higher the acceleration the more distortion I was getting on my engraving. Distortion in the form of the engraving being progressively shrunk from bottom to top, it wasn’t like the machine was missing or skipping lines, it just looked like it tried to squeeze the end of the image in a smaller space, I wish I could show you but I threw all that away as it was a while ago. Anyway, to make a long story longer I just wanted to know if anyone else ever had their Arduino change settings on you.

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