Grbl software for macOS Big Sur

Do I need to install GRBL for macOS to use Lightburn application on macOS Big Sur please

Gerbil is an “operating system” for the laser machine itself, it does not need to be installed on a computer.

Thank you for your reply. I meant LASERGRBL application for macOS.
Download – LaserGRBL

“Normally” you do not need any other programs besides LightBurn. For my diode laser I have installed 2 other programs but only to be able to change the laser firmware. For my CO2 laser, I have never had anything other than LB.
You just download LightBurn and install it and see if it works for you, you have a 30 day trial with no obligation.
Good luck

Thank you bernd.
How can I check if there is a firmware update for my CNC 3018 Pro and which software shall I use to upload the firmware please?

Thank you in advance

Now I do not know your machine !, but try to look at T2Laser, I have used the program for my diode laser BEFORE LightBurn :wink:

… the current firmware is 1.1. f or higher

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