Grbl wont hold origin

I have been using lightburn on my shapeoko XXL for over a year. Today my license expired, NBD. Once I got my license number in and reconfirmed my machine like normal it keeps telling me my XY coordinates are out of bounds and is trying to home off my work surface. My $10 value is set to 0 and my macro is set to -. Any ideas?

My macro is set to - … ? (’-’ is not a number)

Type $# in the console and press enter, see what the G54 line reports back. That should be -817 (or whatever the travel values are for X & Y).

G54 -812.000,-812.000,0.000

What I meant to say it was set to a negative number.

When you say it’s trying to home off the work surface, is it possible that your limit / homing switches are loose or something along those lines? If you press the home button it should just run toward the corner until it bumps the switches and then stop. If it’s not stopping, you have a wiring or configuration issue - the controller handles the entire homing cycle.

Thank you for the response. I’m not exactly sure what happened but after messing with it for about it started working. Not sure what happened but I appreciate the support.

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