Grblhal compiling for firmware.bin

Hi there,
I was wondering if someone could help me,
I have a k40 which I’ve installed a skr v1.4 turbo board into and have it running with smoothieware but I am looking to install grblhal because it looks like a better firmware .
The problem I am having is that I am falling at the first hurdle and can’t for the life of me figure out how to compile it via platformio.
I have opened a new project with the relevant mcu selected which is LPC1769 and I have downloaded the grblhal core and the driver lpc176x files and then from there I don’t really know where I should be going.
So if there is any could write ups that are easy to follow or YouTube videos that could help please point me to them,or maybe someone has the firmware already compiled and don’t mind me trying it that would be great .
I have setup marlin before on 3d printers and smoothie as I said .
Thank you Dazz

i’m also trying to compile grblhal with arduino ide but have no luck. btw i think is not possible to compile grblhal with vscode

Yes it can be done it says in the docs because vscode has platformio I just can’t make head or tail how to do it lol

well i was not able to

I think it’s all about getting the environment right in the ini file

Well i have now installed grblhal on my skr v1.4 turbo board but i used one of the precompiled binaries on github ,all i have to do now is figure out how to stop the steppers locking up when the machine is turned on and get it to home after i have tested the endstops .
I the a command i can send to see the state of the endstops?
Cheers Dazz

This was discussed in another Topic. Don’t know if this holds for GrblHAL but worth a shot.

i don’t know if works in GRBL or GRBLhal but the Marlin command to see the endstop’s state is M119, you can try

hmmm no i tested it, M119 is an unsupported command

From what I’ve read grblhal expects to see normally closed limit switches so I just need to revert that which I shall try tomorrow hopefully.

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