GRBLHal Teensy 4.1 Ethernet support

I am currently using with the availability for ethernet.

Currently using the grblHAL-teensy-4.x/ at master · phil-barrett/grblHAL-teensy-4.x · GitHub hex for the increased planned buffer, working out some bugs with this firmware, but should be good to go.

This has increased my raster speed quite a bit over GRBL-lpc, very little stuttering with a 300dpi grayscale image @ 200mm/s. This is awesome, and could be the future for DIY lasers or refits.

I am hoping that there could be some testing/dev to use the ethernet port and bypass the slow USB Serial (which I understand is limited to 115200), up the planned buffer, or stream even faster to be able to reliably hit 350mm/s raster speed. (210 steps/mm Nema 23, hiwin rails)

They have hit 600Hz on steppers (reliably, might I add) so this is just a plea to open up ethernet support for this device!

If anyone needs help, I can try to get them swapped over to this board, but I believe we have a good future with this one! Low cost (45 for the board + 25 for the teensy[600Mhz processor!!])

Thank you! @LightBurn @phil_from_seattle

Initial test for raster image greyscale is 5:13 for GrblHAL and 6:43 with GrblLPC a savings around 25% of time

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