Green dot for starting point lazer?

hi in lightburn i see a green dot.
that i gues is the starting point for the lazer (if set to current position).

ii moved my project around but the green dot acted weard. it stayed at a sertain hight at points and did not move with my project.

it true one of my projects of center becous it did not behave the way i expected it to behave.

i gues i should have used absolute cords…

if annyone has more info about this do tell

You have something else in your file, most likely off to the left of the green dot. Press Ctrl+A to select everything, then Ctrl+Shift+A to fit the selection in view. You’ll probably find there’s other stuff in your file.

mm ill share my file here if i spot it again. but ill double check.
the weard thing is i only select the circle i made. and i move it. the green dot moves in paralel even if i ungroup evrything.

il double chekc. then again the machine im using runs a older version of lightburn, ill recomand the workshop to update. heck my laptop that i use for pre loading files has a newer light burn, and i dont even own a lazer :wink:

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