Green Dot is way off

Why is the Geen Dot
t so far out of wack? I am using Current Position using the manual.

I have been using Absoulute which means I have to have my work peice in the LL of my machine (Atomstack) but when I do this my only option to hold the wood down is tape in that corner (DOFIKI Grate)

The green square tells you where the job origin is located.

I suggest you do a ^A (control + A) to select all objects. All it takes is a pixel to exist somewhere you don’t expect and you get odd results like this.

You can also swipe from lower right to upper left and it should grab anything within or touching that area.

I’d suspect it’s something left of your work area. Swiping from outside the work area to the upper left might identify it.

Make sense?


I agree with Jack. You’ve got something, likely very tiny, out of bounds. The direction and distance of the green Origin dot will give you a clue where the rogue pixel is located.

Zoom out a bit and CRTL+A (Option+A) “Select All” on your computer.
This will give you an idea of where you might look.
From there find the bits and remove them
2024-03-24 19_31_32-Window

Don’t forget to turn all Cut Layers to SHOW-ON. Even layers that aren’t showing will move the Origin off-center.

Good Luck!

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