Grey scale not to scale

ok so i engraved a project using dither. the project was done but it was light so i thought i’d do it again in grey scale. I didnt move the engraving or close the software just simply brought up the cut tab switched to grey scale clicked ok framed the worked to be done was ok so i started light burn again this time in grey scale. started fine for a minute but the next thing i kniw it’s going off the the engraving! This has happened twice.
Thanks for any help

Grayscale requires a LOT of data. If you press ‘Start’ and the job is set to engrave relatively fast, or with high DPI, the controller is having to do the work of receiving the file at the same time as performing the complex work of engraving the data, and sometimes it gets overloaded and misses data, causing it to skip.

If you use ‘Send’ to transfer the file, then run the job from the laser itself, you won’t have this issue. Again, this is really only an issue with ‘dense’ files - normal cuts and simple vector engraving won’t have this issue, because there’s not nearly as much work for the controller to do.

It’s also worth stating that grayscale on a 100w CO2 laser is not really usable for pictures - it will give you variable depth, not different shades.

Thanks for the reply. My laser may not be as advertised as i’m quite happy and surprised what i’m able to do.

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