Grey scale with Maple white wash wood

2.5 watt Eleksmaker 32 bit nano

Resized in PaintShop

Greyscale LightBurn

Maple white Washed wood

1200 mm/min 35% power 318 DPI

Thanks LightBurn,Timothy Rothman


Very very nice!

Impressive! :slight_smile: awesome!

Can you please tell which lasermodule you are useing?
From Eleksmaker I can find 2 models: EL01 and T05 models, and I cannot find info about the differences. Do the EL01 models have “REAL” PWM in the sense that they do not only do on/off with a PWM trigger value, but a real percentage power feature?

Eleksmaker A3 Pro 2.5 watt diode…TTL/PWM…PWM stands for pulse width modulation…power is determined by Duty cycle of 5 volt signal