Greyed out area in image properties

anyone know reason for greyed out area’s when engraving a image?
min power settings greyed out in passthrough which i kind of understand
but also in greyscale ?
However its not its not greyed out in the actual image properties where you alter the type of image, scan angle ect, i can change it there but it is greyed out in the cuts dialog section although it does change via the image properties as i said and correctly updated in the cuts dialogue section

i have been talking to a guy whos at the top of his game with 3d image engraving and even in passthrough mode he has full control of max and min power settings ? he showed me a screenshot of his settings and its not greyed out in passthrough like mine.
he has a ruida controller i have a cohesion 3d, is that why mine are greyed out? or is there another reason
cheers chaps any help would be welcomed

GCode based controllers do not have a “min power” setting like DSP controllers do. A Smoothieware device has the ability to set a single, global, minimum pwm output value in the config file. GRBL devices just use 0 as min power. Grayscale is different, because the image brightness is used to set a power level for each pixel, and in that case the Min Power is the power used for white pixels, and Max Power is used for black, with somewhere in between used for everything else.

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