Greyscale using LightBurn only

All done in LightBurn under shape properties

105 x 105 mm

White maple


1200 mm/min 40% power 363 DPI

Eleksmaker 2.5 watt

100 minutes
Engraving left…actual photo right


Yeah, that looks great. I’m going to dig into those settings Monday. I should really get a diode for my Ender3.

That is really nice!



@Bulldog the engraving looks more lifelike then the photo. The photo looks artificial and fake as if we’re created in a 3D rendering software.

You brought the image to “life”


Wow… so that’s the price to pay for amazing results?

I can;t sell anything up here in Oshawa Canada…40% I give away…10% I keep,50% ends up in garbage

I will be a happy man if I can get my garbage rate to 50% on photos. Luckily I sell enough other things to help cover the cost of my training.
Keep it up Bulldog.