Grid images not matching

I’m setting a up a grid or array in LB for some tumblers. When I run the preview the images in the start of the array look correct but the images in the middle of the array look different then the images at the end look correct. I have attached an

image of the preview.

20oz tumbler template Eagle Head.lbrn2 (203.2 KB)

How did you create the art and maybe explain what the layer with no output are used for…

I set the layer to line, then I’ve zoomed into the second from the last on the top right and found that you have double lines…

It appears they all have some of this. I think you might have problems in the art…

If I zoom into where the red arrow

Screenshot from 2023-04-02 20-12-39

I see this… I don’t know how this is affecting the fill operation…

Screenshot from 2023-04-02 20-12-09



Thanks for the response. I will clean up the art. I added the eagle then used the grid/array feature to place it in the cup. My real concern is that in the preview 4 of the eagles look the way it should but the ones in the middle look different. If I copied the art all the way across why wouldn’t they be the same?

They would be, if you had done that.

Ungrouping and dismantling the first and second patterns shows they have different geometry, with duplicated layers and overlaid shapes:

As a rule of thumb, when what I see is not what I expected, then what I did is not what I intended. :grin:


Thanks for the reply. I simply copied the art from the first Eagle that shows it would work correctly across the array. Why is it that the first column and the last column look the same in the preview?

Seeing as how what you thought you did wasn’t what you actually did, pretty nearly anything is possible.

Rather than trying to reconstruct something that didn’t work, wipe all that out, start with a single known-good design in a blank workspace, and make sure your fingers do what you expect.

FWIW, Ctrl-Z is my copilot …

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