Grid is off a little

Good day. I built a base for my Ortur LM2, and then I burned a grid onto the surface. The machine is secure and I downloaded the grid from a Facebook group. The grid lines and numbers coincide up perfectly with the lines on Lightburn, but the numbers are off approximately 10mm for both horizontal and vertical.
For final printing, I was able to set the laser offset to make up for the differences, but when I do the frame, it moves around the incorrect area. This means it doesn’t really show the area where the laser is burning.
Is there any way that I can fix this, or set the machine so that it shows home as being somewhere other than 0,0?
Hope my explanation makes sense. Thanks for any help you can give.


These ‘bumps’ on the alternate horizontal lines mean that your Y axis belt on that side is probably loose:

You should absolutely not need a laser offset for this machine - that’s for lasers where there is a red-dot pointer off to the side of the laser head, so it’s not going to frame in the correct place if you use that.

It looks a bit to me like the grid was created with the sides pulled in to make room for the text, and the numbers line up with the expected grid lines visually - you can see that the grid squares next to the numbers are half the size of all the others.

Thank you Oz for your prompt reply. Sorry, but the line next to the numbers is where I took a pen and ruler, and drew pen lines over the tops of the burnt ones (just for the outer frame).
So is my only option to start from scratch and do it again? Either sand it down or put new piece of plywood over the top? If I do that, what can I do to ensure that it doesn’t go off again?


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