Grid skipping middle section

I’m trying to print a small grid of rectangles but for some reason it’s skipping the center section. However, if I duplicate that grid off the to side then it will burn all of it. I’m completely stumped, any ideas?

See pictures for reference.

I see that the Option for “Shade According to Power” is selected in the Preview window.

I see a slight difference in Brightness between some of the rows in the first screen capture.

If you turn Shade Accorrding to Power off in the Preview Window, (or turn invert off) do the missing rectangles appear?

It’s fairly high value to use the progress slider to confirm missing artwork. Just slide it to where the missing rectangles would be produced and see if it’s simply engraving too-light.

It may be a combination of the way the invert is rendered and the power being shaded that makes them not appear in the work and not appear in the preview.

Let us know what you discover.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s not just in the preview, I did try to print it and it came out the same skipping that middle section. It’s a grid that I made using the array tool so all the elements are duplicates of each other burning at exactly the same speed and power. (I did try to toggle shade by power and invert with no change)

Any other ideas?

Are the vanishing rectangles on a different layer than the rest of them?

I can make this bunch disappear by turning the assigned layer off.

Are there any duplicate overlapping rectangles?

Select one of the vanishing rectangles and click Shape Properties to see if output is unusually low?

If you’re willing to share the LightBurn File I’ll take a look.

Nothing seems to be overlapping.

Sure, here is the file.
matzgrid.lbrn2 (71.2 KB)

What’s happening is that at the scale that you’re working in the Line Interval of the fill is affecting the laser path in a way where it appears parts of the design are missing.

Try decreasing line interval until the shapes reappear.

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Thanks so much! That was it.

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