Grouping objects question?

I have multiple designs to engrave and cut out on one sheet. I’d like to group each image for engraving with it’s respective cut outline so they stay aligned when I move them.
Every time I group a pair, the cut outline is hidden “behind” the image for engraving (the cut outline is smaller than the engraved area). It ignores the image order I created using “push forward” and backward settings when it is grouped. When I ungroup, I have to push the engrave image to the back again to see the cut line.
I guess it doesn’t matter functionally (unless I misunderstand the grouping purpose), but if the cut lines are hidden I won’t know if I accidentally missed one. What am I missing here?

I did find a work around - If I turn off the engraving layer output, it turns gray and I can see both the image and the cut line in a group. Then I turn it back on when everything is arranged and checked. I’ll use that unless someone has a better suggestion.

“Push forward” affects stack position within a particular cut layer. In order to change it so that the image is layer is actually lower than the cut layer you’ll need to change the relative order of the stack of cut layers in the Cut / Layers window. Use the Up / Down arrow keys or drag with your mouse to change layer order.

Could he assign a ‘priority’ to each in the ‘shapes’ tab?


I tried changing the layer orders in the cut/layer window and it has no effect on how the graphics are displayed. After lots of trial and error, it looks like the software displays the grouped objects based on the order in which they were imported rather than the the current display setting at the time they were grouped (that’s my best guess anyway). I can work with that.

It may not have an effect on the way they are displayed. It will have an effect on how they are selected. It will allow items that are on a higher layer to be selected when previously it would have picked the item on the layer that you’re not interested in.

But I may be misunderstanding what you need.

That’s good to know. My original need was to simply be able to see both so I know if they are mis-aligned or if the cut line is missing.

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