Groups importing for illustrator

On previous versions, I made groups on the designs form illustrator to handle the designs on LB easier. For example if I had to engrave some words.

I have selected grouping when importing, but once is ungrouped (everything is, not respecting the objects I had previously grouped in illustrator)

Is there a

Assuming you are using Illustrator 2020, save as legacy AI (CC or older), or turn off ‘Use Compression’ when saving in 2020 format. They changed compression methods for the 2020 version and the new one isn’t supported yet, so it’s now importing the ‘PDF preview’ content, which doesn’t include the grouping information.

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You guys definitely are doing really something great. Want to thank all of the team for the support your are giving. If I have shared LB to many people in Mexico I would definitely keep promoting this great software and mostly the outstanding support you offer.

Please share my congratulations to all of the team.
(Sorry for my bad English)

Muchas gracias. Mi Español es muy malo. Tu Ingles es mucho mejor. :wink:

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