GSI laser tube or Reci laser tube 80 watt

Is there that much of a difference between these two laser tubes besides price is the GSI tube good?

Nobody uses GSI laser tubes.

Some of the GSI I think are refillable. When I went through the exercise of looking for a tube for my DIY laser it came down to RECI and EFR. I ultimately went with RECI, mostly because it was easier to get.

GSI make a huge range of units. Which one in particular were you looking at?

Regardless, they are much more expensive than Reci, despite Reci being probably the best glass tube available.

I have used Reci for years and will continue to do so - there’s always a spare new W4 and W6 in my workshop, for customer machines.

My tube that I have now is 80 watt 1250 mm long and 80 mm diameter.

The same size as the Reci W2 - ~100W, they rate it at 90W for sales blurb.

I have one tested at 117W.

What about GSI are they good tubes?

They’re one of the worlds largest manufacturers. I would think they make some excellent tubes and some so-so ones, depending on market.

That’s a question a bit like ‘are GM good?’ - Which one were you considering?

It sounds like you already have decided and are looking for confirmation of your choice.

Me, I wouldn’t.

Get a Reci, an EFR or an SPT. They are all excellent tubes.

The Reci will run you twice the cost of an equivalent SPT, but will last longer and give a better result. I wouldn’t go lesser than an SPT. If you want to be one of the cool kids, get the EFR with built-in red dot.

@olddogTim Are you talking about this tube from GSI that LightObject is selling?

It does appear to be much cheaper than a RECI tube. Not sure if it is a new bargain version GSI is making or not.

GSI looks like it’s been sold to China. The company advertising those tubes as theirs was formed in 2016.

JK Laser (GSI) was formed in the 70s or 80s and typically sell $5000+ tubes.

Looks like they are GSI in name only. The good stuff was sold to SPI, who are now owned by Trumpf. You won’t get a UK-made tube for US$600, so I can only surmise they are made by Honour Optical in Beijing.

Can’t comment on the quality, but why would you go with an unknown? Lightobject have a wide, but not eclectic, range.

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I have been doing some research and decided on Reci, when I do order.

If I wasn’t doing this for a job and needed the long-life and robustness of Reci, I would buy EFR. They are AS good, but significantly cheaper.

If you don’t mind waiting, you can buy from a guy on Aliexpress that ships internationally and sells genuine, new EFR at good prices.

The difference - 8,000 hours vs 10,000 hours run time. Unless you’re burning 6 hours a day, often the machine would be replaced with a new model before that time.

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I just got the 80w version of the GSI linked above to replace a 4 year old RECI w2 that was going out. I got it purely out of curiosity and so far I am very impressed with the quality. I just installed it last night but so far the power seems much more intense at lower ma than my RECI ever was. But who knows if it will last 4 years as my RECI did. I’m curious how it progresses but so far I am pleased with the gamble.

Just when I thought I had my mind made up. In the pictures on LightObject it LOOKS like a good tube.

Based on my experience with RECI I would recommend it. There’s no gamble there and the stand up well.

I just ordered a Reci 80 watt w-2 . I decided on Reci because the GSI tube has a triggering voltage of 25 KV and operating voltage of 22 KV. Reci has a triggering voltage of 24 KV and operating voltage of 18 KV. I figured the Reci would be less taxing on my power supply, so I went with Reci!

The RECI W2 is a great choice, you wont be disappointed.

I mean… there’s always the choice of an RF (metal) Laser. :innocent:

Sure even a “cheap” RF 100w Laser is $8,000, but it “lasts 5 times longer”.

(I’ll just buy 5 glass tubes and a couple of 5200 chillers over that amount of time and still be way ahead).

But I do love RF lasers for some strange reason. My friend has one in his Epilog.


•Ali express RF Laser Link•

I just cannot believe how prices on glass tubes have come down SO MUCH! It makes me want to go overboard and buy another machine with a 200+ watt Yongli tube.

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