Guess I need a new vinyl plotter

I’ve had a brother scan and cut for almost 4 years. It’s gotten so that it will not cut deep enough through vinyl or HTV on the right side of the designs. If I make it cut deeper than it cuts through the backing on the left side and just enough on the right which cause problem.

So I guess I am in the market for a new plotter. Thinking about buying another brothers but I can get a US cutter for a little more but it uses Signmaster cutting software. Is that software easy to use? I know it’s basic just used to for cutting only, brother’s software does a lot more but I do most of my custom stuff in Illustrator.

Um Josh, what does this have to do with lasers or LightBurn? You will get better responses posting these questions somewhere that is focused on plotters.

Figured there were other people who had plotters, I don’t really use any other form. Should be able to discuss other things here other than just lasers.

That’s not a friendly response to the folks trying to support their software. I recognize some of our members do have related experience. For now, I have moved this post to the community laser discussion in hopes you get some valuable and helpful responses.

I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.

@daddycreswell I don’t have a brother scan and cut but I do use other vinyl and fabric cutting machines.

Make sure the mat is clean, from what you are describing I would say you have residue build-up on one side of the mat causing one side to sit higher in the machine than the other. This can cause the pressure sensor to misread the cut depth when starting causing a situation such as you describe. Also, check the thickness of the mat on all sides with a pair of calipers, and inspect the mat for creases that could be pushing a portion of the fabric up causing the pressure issue.

I thought the problem might be the mat also, I bought a new mat and it’s doing the same thing. So I’m not sure what else to do.

Does the machine have any ability to be leveled along the y-axis?
Most plotters/cutters I’ve worked with in the past have either an automatic or manual screw on each side of the y-axis for re-leveling the cutter. I would check the user manual for that option or call brother support.

Failing that I would personally open the machine and check that the rail hasn’t come unseated etc. But that is entirely my personal approach and obviously depends on your comfort working with machines.

Beyond that I cannot offer much advice as I don’t have personal experience with the specific machine.

Thanks…I’ll take a look at it.

Have you ever replaced the blade?

Yes, even tried recalibrate today… did nothing. I ordered a new one. Hate to do it, but guess I wore the other one out.

I have a pcut (basic Chinese machine) so may not be the same and can’t see why it would not cut as on mine the blade sticks out of a hole which sets the cutting depth (ie0.3mm). level of the pattern would have nothing to do with it as has pressure behind it that pushes it down and the needle would push in by 0.3mm. The only option I would have is to increase the depth of the needle so it sticks out further or possibly up the force it puts down on the holder.
Might have no similarities with your machine but on mine, tilt shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Is the pressure going weak on one side for some reason?

Pressure lose on one side is all I can come up with. I can extend the blade out further and it will cut through the HTV and it’s carrier, which is a pain to deal with when there are multiple lines of text trying to line up and space them. I’ve googled and ready everything I can find out about the problem but haven’t had any luck. So I ordered a new one…had no other choice. Got 20 shirts to do by 1st of next week.

I don’t have a first-hand encounter with Summasign plotters for full disclosure, but I have been collaborating with many other labels …

It seems to me to be a decent investment if you have space for it. It seems like this is a relatively big computer on a cursored Google search because it takes up to 63 "wide web …

While cutting a printed file, which would not impact the simple cadcut vinyl plotting for decal or fabric move, the bad sensors will literally come into play instead.