Guide: Easier Titanium Coverage for Tile

It’s well known about doing titanium dioxide… which is white… on white tile. So coverage can be a little finnicky to get right. However, you can just add a little bit of food colouring and viola, you can doublecheck your coverage.

8 ounces 91% IPA + 3 tablespoons titanium dioxide powder, and food colouring to taste

Shaky shaky… it’s pepto :frowning: shoulda went with green.

Coat the tile, the colour lets you see if you miss anywhere.

Take ~30 seconds infront of a fan to dry it, ignoring the touch mark.

Toss it on the machine and run it! Snapmaker A350 with 10W laser, 300DPI, 2000mm/m, 60% power, stucki.

Finally give it a wash and all the dye is gone! (ignore the darker part at the bottom, windows decided it was a good time to reboot for updates in the middle of the engrave, so I loaded it onto the USB drive and restarted it)

There you go. An easier way to ensure full coverage on your tile.


We’ve discussed this in the tile threads… I’ve been adding food color to mine since I found out I couldn’t see where I had painted it or the coating I got…

I was also surprised that it separated in the mixture (TiO2 and water)… I would have thought the food coloring would mix with water no problem…

Which mixture are you using?

Nice work… thanks for including the settings


Mixture is listed in the post, 8oz 91% IPA, 3 tablespoons TiO2 powder, and colour. :slight_smile:

:poop: Sorry I missed it…



Great tip!

Regarding the touch mark, you could likely add gum arabic to your mixture. It’s a great medium, it’s what makes watercolour into a paint instead of just a powdered pigment. It’s totally water soluble (will easily wash off after the engrave) and you only need a small amount in order to make watercolour from pigment, so I don’t see it ruining your mixture.

Should also make your paint safer to not have pigment freely floating, because the immediate danger limit for airborne titanium dioxide is only 5g per m3: Titanium dioxide - Wikipedia

I need to try IPA. I have been using water and Tempera (white) paint, spraying it with an HVLP spray gun. it lays down nice and smooth i could not get it to not bead up with just Ti01 and IPA but maybe the IPA will aide in drying time.

It usually looks like it might bead up when I spray, but once it’s fully dried it’s an even matte coat. I usually hold it infront of a fan for about ~30 seconds and it’s dry.

What are you settings in lightburn please for the 10W?

I usually post settings under any project I post.