Gweike cloud pro 2 55w

Hi all have just set up a gweike cloud pro 2, 55w, I was having trouble with the z height after removing the lens barrel for cleaning, when i fitted it back on the z height adjustment would not work, there is a magnet on the side of the barrel if this is too close to the switch above it ( as the barrel has no exact fitting position) then it does not operate, if turned away slightly and then all is good and it operates .
I hope this helps anyone who has that problem. while trying to figure out what was going on I noticed the z stepper motor was getting quite warm while the machine was on but not operating which seemed strange to me I contacted gweike support about it first answer was its improbable it would get warm and after some back and fourth they told me it is normal , has anyone happened to noticed that as I thought if it was not operating it would stay cool,

I don’t have one of these, but I can comment on how my x and y axes motors were setup from OMTech.

Many of these motors/drivers are designed to be able to hold the motors position or the machine would have to re-home every time to know where it was…

This will generate heat… how much is the question.

I reached into mine and thought I’d burnt myself… digging through the documentation the manufacturer set the motor driver to twice the current limit of the motor.

I don’t know the internals of these, I assume they must have motor drivers as the Ruida only supplies step/direction…

Good luck


Thanks for the reply Jack, I didn’t know the motors held their place like that, so that maybe the case if I turn the machine on or off whilst holding the z stepper motor I can feel it activate/deactivate with out it moving.

If the anything moves without a machine command, it will lose it’s position/location… That is why they generally use a holding current.

This is a learning game for most all of us… don’t let it keep you up at night :wink:


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