Gweike Laser with Smoothieboard 5xc GLCD

While not new to CNC conversions, I am new to Lightburn and Smoothieboard 5XC V1.1
I have a 60 watt GWeike Laser. It has what I would say X, Y, Z axis. I also have a rotary axis.
I am metrically challenged :-/

I am using Leadshine external drivers. All set to 2000 microstepping. All 4 axis are turning a motor(200 steps per rev). Whether I use Lightburn move or the Jog feature on the GLCD

First issue. I have Genuine GLCD (White PCB) Using Uberclock Shield. Backlight lights up. I can turn and press the control shaft and it beeps so other than not being able to see anything, I think it works. Using clone of the GLCD, (and flipped cables) the display does show readable text (although faint)
Anyone know why the genuine Reprap GLCD is not displaying text? I have a buddy with same hardware, same display, doing the same thing.

Secondly, I was surprised to see my 4th axis turn. So, in the config.txt it must be programmed in there, but don’t know where? I was going to post my config file but don’t see how to upload it.

Thirdly, what is typically easiest for configuring the axis for accurate motion (steps per mm?)
Z has all thread and pulleys on it. XY have belts and pulleys, My what rotary axis (what I would call my A axis) is a stepper turning a chuck at 1:1(direct drive)

Be kind, to the new kid on the block!
Mesa, AZ

The Smoothie doesn’t natively support a reprap LCD. There are lots of screens that it does, though. There’s a doc showing how to hook one up, but better to use the right one than hack a ribbon cable.

The right version of smoothieware matters, too.

Get the Cohesion3D Smoothieware Cluster version, for a start.

And these sorts of questions are better aimed at the Smoothieware support forum.

I have a bunch of smoothies and am actually building a 40W desktop laser with one right now, but it’s something you need to become familiar with.

I’m Roman measuring-system challenged, so only speak metric. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am using the Uber Clock shield. A generic GLCD works, the genuine does not. A friend who tested his with the same configuration is bringing his by to test on mine. Maybe I have a bad one.

I have a BAD Genuine RepRap GLCD. My buddies Genuine RepRap GLCD works…


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