Had a go at another engraving on white mdf

On white bath panel mdf but as image this time.
sculpfun s9 2000 mm at 75% using jarvis setting and air assist with good ventilation.
Edited in gimp and inkscape to remove speckle and firm up lines.

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Want to be extra careful of the bath panels. They are actually masonite with melamine as a white surface. Good ventilation is necessary as you know already.
BTW: Using a CO2 laser these panels are a real mess when cutting.

I have wondered about that. The white faced MDF panels available to me seem to have a slightly thinner, softer coating than melamine, more plastic than melamine. My engravings on proper melamine faced chipboard have given superb results but engravings on the white faced MDF are not nearly as good. The problem is that proper melamine faced chipboard is a little on the thick side. The thinnest available to me is 16 mm, though still usable for display purposes, such as plaques.

I have increasingly turned to spraying MDF with flat white primer, lightly flatting it with 600 grade water paper and then engraving on that. I finish up with a clear coat lacquer. The result are most satisfactory. The relatively high titanium dioxide content of flat white primer results in intense black engraving.

Stuff I use is only 3mm thick and sold as white faced hardboard/MDF not Masonite.
It has a Matt plastic like finish.

The wall panels available at Lowe’s or Home Depot are about 3mm maybe 4mm.
Haven’t bought any for a long time. I am remembering it to be gloss finish.
I tried cutting some of it with the laser, nasty stuff.
Your results are great.