Had a go at watch dials for my unitas 6497 builds

first prototypes…
one of my passions is watch modding for my collection and building my own watches from parts from the web.
I recently started one of my 6497 watch build sourced from all over the web but the dial has taken weeks to arrive so i started to experiment.
I found a sheet of Formica in my work shop from a forgotten project and it seems to work very well.
thickness is .7mm so I will had to skim it down to .5mm in my mill but it works .

Paint is made from pva glue with mica pigment added for the metallic gold and acrylic for white and red and just dumped on and squeegeed over .
these are prototypes cut out on a sculpfun and i am now going to get a better finish by running them through my cnc mill no i have finalized the designs.
Dial feet can be added by using epoxy but i use double sided tape to hold the dial in place on the movement and luminous paint on the indices.


I have a friend who does something similar using printed circuit boards. These look good. Would love to see some pictures with the movement in! Thanks for sharing this.

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