Halftone Questions (Angle)

Can anyone help explain the Lightburn Filter “Halftone” better.
It seems like this is the one I am most successful with on my CO2 60 WATT Laser.
In the cut/layer settings when choosing the Halftone Filter, there is a drop down menu labelled “Halftone Angle” (I think mine defaults to 22.5).

My specific questions are:

How do the angle effect the results? When would you consider changing the angle? What does a specific angle do?

Thank you,

Hi there,

here is a great article that explains half tone process. It talks about color CMYK but it also talks about angles and it uses a cat in Black and white and I know you work with pets.

Cheers and hope it helps you



Thanks Sasquatch… I look forward to reading the article and hopefully honing up my work.

The angle setting is really just to hide visual patterning a little because if it’s straight (0, 90, 180) it’s a little distracting.

These are identical, with the exception that the one on the right is an angle of 0, and the one on the left is 22.5:

In offset printing, the shape of the dot, as well as it’s relative placement makes a big difference to the perceived quality, even at the same resolution.

If you imagine a dot the same shape as the diamond on a playing card, then think about the angle and density of the dots, you can get extremely fine resolution without any artefacts. Then multiply that by four (CMYK) and you have quasi ‘continuous tone’

Of course we have a circle (ish) to play with and can’t get to play with shape or layers, but we can still play with density and angle.

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