HALP, i need to zoom my screen out?

Hello all,

I have tried on FB and can not get an answer… SOME HOW i have zoomed the screen on a job. NOT the work area the actual camera view! The little preview shows me the entire bed area, the work screen shows a zoomed in of the piece.

How do i zoom out the camera view not the work area?

THANKS i don’t have much hair left!!!

Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with overlay showing as well as Camera Controls?


Sorry i have been sick…

Is there another camera control page you need? NOOB here lol

You can see the little preview is the entire bed area… but the working area is zoomed in. It is all calibrated and aligned.


When you ran alignment, did you burn new alignment targets and adjust scale accordingly? A lot of folks who are having this issue typically have tried to reuse previously burned targets that were done at a different scale.

AHHHHH I am using an old one, i have used before… IDK, i will try a new one… TY!

SO, if i use an old one does the scale have to be the same to use it?

Can i use the same one if i make it the same scale when i do the alignment?

Again thanks for the help… i’m Fing old and trying to get the hang of this… LOL

Yes, exactly. If you can recall the previously used scale you could potentially reuse it. But it needs to be exact for it to work properly.

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