Hangs during camera calibration

I just got an 8MP 95mm lightburn camera, got it set up and went to calibrate it and had issues getting through the calibration ( on 9.20 ) . After I would engrave the test pattern ( 1-4 ) when I would move the head out of the way, lightburn would freeze and hang, and would need to be killed and restarted, I also found I needed to reset the camera either by unplugging it or even opening the MS camera app seemed to work.

By setting the origin and moving the head out of the way prior to going into the calibration screen I was able to get it to capture the image, since after it engraved it moved the head back to the initial location, out of the way of the camera.

I was not doing a full calibration, since I selected the default 8MP 95mm camera, so I decided to try to go do that, this time with the circle test sheet, never could get past the first image capture, the entire app would freeze on processing, sometimes in the background (behind the modal) I would see lightburn shrink to the left half of the window and a black window appear on the right side. All these times I had to kill lightburn and restart it, i waited from a minute or two to about 10 minutes, all had the same issues.

Would still like to do the full calibration, while I did finally get it to work above things aren’t quite perfect. So any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

@LightBurn not sure if you have any guidance here. Still haven’t been able to do a full calibration.

Is your honeycomb bed visible? This is called out in every form of documentation we have for the camera:


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