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Hello, I have recently purchased a red and black 60 watt laser engraver. It was used and whoever before me removed the x proximity switch, I assume it was bad. I have purchased a new switch and replaced it but when I home the machine it just slides to the right and stops and I get a hard limit protection error. Is there something I need to setup in the controller or am I doing something wrong… please help…

Was the previous user operating without the switch? If so, I assume the user disabled auto-home. Can you confirm?

How are you homing?

If the machine was not originally set to home, have you changed that?

Under User Parameters:

You haven’t listed your controller. This is for a 6445.

Yes, the previous owner was operating without the switch. I have not changed any settings yet.

The controller is a 6445

In that case I’d suggest going into your user settings and adjusting the settings I listed. That may be enough to get it to work.

Both the x and y were already set to yes. And still when I press home in LightBurn it goes to back right and slams into sides.

And the machine doesn’t auto home when turned on.
By the way. Thanks for your help.

I didn’t realize it was slamming into anything. I thought it was reaching a hard limit and stopping. Has this behavior changed?

If you go to Diagnoses+ in the Z/U Menu of the laser panel, what do you see? Are any of the squares highlighted? If you bring the laser head within reach of the proximity sensors can you get those switches to register?

Separately, if you hit “Reset” on the panel, do you get the same behavior as Homing in LightBurn?

Can you confirm that you have limit switches located at right and back? Do you also have limit switches at front and left?

Also try one thing. Go to Z/U menu and go to Axis Reset+. Try resetting X and Y axes independently? What is the behavior?

Can you describe what happens when you turn on the machine?

I can hit reset on the panel and nothing happens at all. No movement.
I went to diagnosis and the x and y light up when I move the head close to the switches. The only time it slams into the sides is when I press home on LightBurn.

Limit switches are at back right and right on the x No switches at back left or left on the x

Can you confirm that it was LmtX- and LmtY- that were lighting up? Those are the relevant ones.

If you do a manual reset for each axis individually, that also does not result in homing?

And just to be sure, for each axis, “Limit trigger” and “Enable Home” are both enabled?

Yes it was x limit- and y limit- that lit up when I touch the sensors with a metal object.
I go to menu. Function+. Axes reset+. Scroll down to x axes reset and enter and nothing happens

How do I do a manual reset for each axis?

If I go to user settings and scroll down to return, what should the return position and docking x and docking y be set at?

@edbarber The key point is that the system must perform a homing cycle when you power up the controller or hit the reset key. Can you send a screenshot of the Lightburn Machine Settings window showing the “X axis Settings” and “Y axis settings”? I’ve attached such a screenshot from my computer. As @berainlb mentioned, “Enable homing” must be set to “True” for both the X and Y axes.

Thank you two for your help. I think with your help I finally have it fixed. I’ll know more tomorrow when I have more time to use the machine. But for now with the settings you showed me it is homing properly when I reset , and when I start up the machine. Can’t thank you enough.

Just to clarify, you probably don’t have limit switches… You have home switches. These are ignored after a successful reset operation…

The limit switches go to the Lmt*+ connections…

As a suggestion, make a backup copy of the Ruida configuration via the Machine Settings gui.

Good luck


Thank you very much subrata dutta for the help. it fixed the issue

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